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Association Internationale pour la Promotion et la Diffusion de la Recherche sur la Résilience

International Association for the Promotion and Dissemination of Research on Resilience

After approval of the  Executive Board of the Association,

you will receive an email offering different modalities of payment of your  dues

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Membership form:

– The Association includes:

- honorary presidents (the title may be conferred to past presidents),

-  honorary members,

- supporting members,

- active members.

Supporting and active members may be natural persons or legal persons interested in the objectives of the Association. They pay an annual fee.

– In order to become part of the Association, it is necessary to be:

(a) presented by an active member of the Association, and

(b) approved by the  Executive Board of the Association

Membership fees:

Active members:

85 euros (for university students 40 euros)/2 years membership


Supporting members:

from 200 euros/2 years membership

* Obligatory mention